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All Endicott College event organizers are reminded to strive for the largest possible audience by publicizing their activities on the Endicott Events Calendar. Students: Please submit your club and organization events to your organizations advisor for posting to the events calendar. Upon approval they will submit the event on your behalf. If your event has not been previously approved, please do not submit it via this form. This form is for Endicott College approved events only, please indicate in the "Approved By" area who approved your event. This information will not be published on the Calendar. Fill in the blanks and hit "Submit" at the end of the form to preview your form and then choose to "Submit" again to finalize your event submission. The event information is sent to Student Activities for "review and release" within 2 business days. If you have any problems posting an event, or your event has not been posted within 2 days of your event submission, please contact Student Activities at, or call 978-232-2206. Endicott College policy prohibits posting student phone numbers and email addresses. Please use only staff or faculty members as contacts on calendar events.
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Academic Events
Academic Resources
    Academic Technology
    Center for Teaching and Learning
    Center for Teaching Excellence
    College Learning Program
    Writing Center
Archives and Museum
Athletics - Sports
Career Services
Center Visual & Performing Arts
    Film Presentations
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    Visiting Artists
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    Visiting Artists
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    Bayview Hall
    Beacon Hall
    Brindle Hall
    Hamilton Hall
    Reynolds Hall
    Rogers Hall
    Winthrop Hall
Global House
Health Center
Honors Program
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Institutional Advancement
    Athletic Giving
    Gull Club
Interfaith Chapel
International Program
La Chanterelle Restaurant
Open Houses
Performing Arts
Post Center
Residence Life
School of Visual & Performing Arts
    Film Presentations
Special Events
Student Activities
Van Loan School
    Boston Campus
    Gloucester Campus
    Institute for Behavioral Studies
Wylie Inn & Conference Center
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Beechwood (President's House)
Center for Nursing and Health Professions
Endicott College
    Academic Center
        AC Student Activities
        Wax Center Auditorium
    Alhambra Hall
    Athletic Fields
        North Field
        Practice Field
        Softball Field
        Tennis Courts
    Bayview Hall
    Beach House
    Beacon Hall
        Mingo Beach
    Brindle Hall
    Callahan Center
        Dining Hall
        First Floor Main Lobby
        Health Center
        Joe's Cafe
    Campus Safety
    Center for the Arts
        Black Box Theater
        Carol Grillo Art Gallery
        Presentation Gallery
        Rose Performance Hall
        Spencer Presentation Gallery
        Student Atrium Gallery
        Visiting Artist Gallery
        Dexter Room
        Main Chapel
    Cliff House
    College Hall
    Diane Halle Library
        Little Theater
    Endicott Beach
    Endicott Hall
    Gloucester Hall
    Grove Hall
    Hale Hall
    Hamilton Hall
    Hawthorne Hall
    Kennedy Hall
    Life Sciences/Business Center
    Manchester Hall
    Manninen Center for the Arts
        Carol Grillo Art Gallery
        Desnoyer Arts Overlook
        Heftler Visiting Artist Gallery
        Rose Performance Hall
        Spencer Presentation Gallery
        Student Atrium Gallery
        Tia Black Box Theater
        Misselwood Carriage House
        Misselwood House
        Misselwood Tent
    Post Center
        Aerobics Studio
        Field House
        Fitness Center
        Hospitality Suite
        MacDonald Gymnasium
        Tennis Courts
    Research Center
    Reynolds Hall
    Rockport Hall
    Rogers Hall
    Stoneridge Hall
    The Lodge
    Tower Hall
    Trexler Hall
    Van Loan School
    Wax Academic Center
        Courtyard Cafe
        Scangas Center
    Wenham Hall
    West Classroom
    Williston Hall
    Winthrop Hall
    Wylie Inn & Conference Center
        Meeting Place
        The Inn
        Tupper Manor
Endicott College - Diane Halle Library
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